Lucrative Truck Driving Jobs in St Paul

It is possible to make a very good living as a truck driver. There are certain types of truck driving jobs in St Paul that are likely to earn more money than others. Finding the right job means getting paid more in a faster time frame.

Here are a few of the top paying jobs within the local truck driving industry.

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Liquid Hauling Truck Driving Jobs in St Paul Can Be Lucrative

Chemicals, gas and hazardous materials can be dangerous to be near. They can also require a high level of skill to haul around. That means that transporting this kind of substance can be very well paying.

Hauling Oversized Loads Can Pay Highly

Double wide trucks and oversized load trucks mean a higher rate of pay. They require a special license to drive them. Driving these vehicles is a specific skill and therefore these jobs earn more.

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Ice Road Trucking Is at The Higher End of the Pay Scale


The dangerous road conditions involved in these jobs mean they pay very well. These jobs may only be available for part of the year, but they can be extremely lucrative. When undertaking ice road truck driving jobs st paul it is vital to take care at all times and pay attention to personal and road safety.

Mining Industry Jobs Earn High Payments


Whether it’s a delivery or a pick up, jobs in the mining industry frequently pay well. There is lots of work available with small companies in this area.

Consider Dump Truck Driving Jobs


There are various jobs available in the dump trucking industry. There are dump truck driving jobs in many different locations and for both smaller and larger companies.

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Work as a Specialty Car Hauler Pays Highly

Transporting damaged cars or cars that are being delivered to customers is often a high earner. Delivering expensive, luxury cars can also pay very well. It is worth seeking out these kind of jobs to increase your income within the truck driving industry.

Driving Interstate Is Often Lucrative


Driving interstate involves longer distances, heavy loads and tight schedules. While these additional factors may seem challenging, they mean that these jobs are often higher paying.

Team Driving Pays Well


Team driving involves long distance driving and working in a team with other drivers. It also frequently means a higher rate of pay.

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There are a few common issues in this area to be aware of. Due to the long distances some drivers may experience burnout. There are also sometimes restrictions on how much drivers are allowed to drive and where they are allowed to drive. These restrictions are listed in the federal and state regulations.

Truck Driving Instructors Can Earn Well


Working as a teacher in a truck driving school can be a great way to earn extra money. It also offers the benefits of staying in one place, working with enthusiastic students and avoiding too many long shifts and risky roads.

Important Things to Know About Truck Driving Jobs in Minnesota

Truck drivers play a vital role in the shipping industry by transporting goods and materials to warehouses, retail outlets, distribution centres and people’s homes. Earning a living as a truck driver can bring in a reliable income as well as a rewarding sense of freedom, particularly to those who love to be on the open road.

There are many things to be aware of at the start of a career as a truck driver. Here are some of the key considerations.

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Find The Right Trucking School


There are many different trucking schools available. Anyone interested in truck driving jobs in Minnesota should investigate the various schools to find the most suitable. It is advisable to seek advice and recommendations from local trucking companies before committing to one trucking school.

Particularly look for truck driving jobs minnesota schools with United States Departments of Transportation accreditation. These trucking schools can provide grants, loans and scholarship opportunities to help support truck drivers in paying for their training.

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Research Thoroughly Before Making a Choice


It is always important to carry out extensive research before choosing which trucking school is most suitable. Ask as many questions as possible and speak to current or past students of each potential school to find out what it is like to train there.

Here are some of the key questions to help with this crucial decision. What kind of training programs are available at this truck driving school? How big are the class sizes? What are the teachers like? What kind of equipment is available to learn on? Do they offer training behind the wheel? Can they help with job placement once the course is completed?

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Big Companies Offer Truck Driving Education Programs


Learning how to drive a truck from a big company can be a great idea. Companies with their own schools can mean guaranteed work once training is completed. This can provide a sense of reassurance for students and alleviate the pressure to find employment.

Considerations for Self Employed Truck Drivers


Many people choose to make their living as a self-employed truck driver, but this career path comes with its own set of challenges.

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Embarking on a career as a self-employed truck driver can leave a person vulnerable. If the economy takes a turn for the worse, self-employed people can suffer the worst of all. It can be a good idea to take part in business and accounting classes. Education can be a vital tool to help make any business successful.

There Are Many Different Places to Look for Truck Driving Jobs in Minnesota


Starting a job search can be intimidating but there are many resources available to help. Job seekers should contact recruiters and agencies to find out about available positions or possible career opportunities in the truck driving field. They should also refer to online job boards, which allow for specific searches according to preferred state or certification.

Preparation Guidelines for Truck Driving Jobs in St Paul

truck driving jobs st paulAfter undergoing quality training, truck drivers will obviously start their hunt for truck driving jobs St Paul. Different drivers have different expectations when it comes to job searching. For example, someone with a family may require more time with the family while a single driver won’t mind staying out for weeks on long hauls.

Thus, drivers have different needs and one should start by creating a list of priorities. They should then check out different employers to find out which one can meet those needs.

Talking with Recruiters

When talking with recruiters, truck drivers should remember what their job involves. They should go past any hype and focus on asking the right questions. After signing on with a company, it’s in the truck driver’s interest to work with that company for anywhere between six months and one year before switching employers.

truck-driving-jobs-minnesota210 Questions to Ask the Driving Job Recruiter

  1. What’s the base pay and does it get better over time?
  2. How many miles are drivers expected to cover. Is there a low week and high week?
  3. What running lanes are drivers expected to operate on?
  4. How often is a driver expected to get home and what’s the criteria for getting home time?
  5. What truck types are available?
  6. What are the job benefits and at what point do they become applicable?
  7. What freight do drivers haul?
  8. How long does orientation take and for how long is one expected to be with a trainer?
  9. Who are the main customers?
  10. What’s the turnover rate, and why?

The Interview

truck-driving-jobs-minnesotaWhile many interviews will be through the phone, drivers will finally have a face-to-face interview with recruiters. This could be at the truck company’s show booth or in the office. Whereas truck drivers aren’t expected to be in a suit and tie, they’re expected to be clean and decent.

The driver should give the recruiter a firm handshake. It’s also important for the driver to research some information beforehand which may be useful in the interview. As the interview progresses, the interviewee should remain professional and courteous.

At the end of the interview, the driver should remember to thank the recruiter for his or time. If all goes well, the driver can go ahead and sign any agreement. But if one is not in dire need of the job immediately, it’s advisable to take a day or two to think it over before signing the agreement.

Applying for Online Truck Driving Jobs in St Paul

truck-driving-certification-st-paulQualified truck drivers can use different online platforms to apply for jobs. Examples of such platforms include Indeed, Monster, CareerJet, SmartRecruiters, Craigslist and more.

When applying for jobs on these platforms, applicants should not hold back any details. The company may check out the applicant’s previous driving record and other background checks to unearth any driving violations or criminal convictions. Thus, concealing any information during the application can arouse suspicion.

Therefore, the more thorough an applicant is, the quicker it’ll take for the application to go through. One should fill out all the required fields when completing an online application.

Typically, online applicants may be required to provide:

  1. Employment history (for those who’ve worked previously)
  2. A Social Security Card
  3. The CDL license
  4. The DOT physical card (at times, the carrier may send the applicant to their own physician).

Online trucking jobs feature almost daily and many people have landed their dream jobs this way.

What the Truck Driving Career Entails

truck driving jobs minnesotaIt’s not just a job. It’s a way of life that can be demanding, and at the same time, unique. Most people decide to take up truck driving jobs Minnesota for various reasons. They may range from a desire to travel and see the country, unemployment, or career change.

For those who manage to do well in school, pass the tests, and make it through their first year, truck driving can be a fulfilling career.

Trucking is a stable job. Few opportunities exist where individuals will make $40,000 to $50,000 annually. The good news is that over the past 25 years, the pay has been stable.

Truck drivers are in high demand, provided they have some experience, a clean safety record, and an impressive service record. With these, having a job is never something to worry about.

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Today’s trucks are more fantastic than ever before. The technology and comfort in the trucks makes the whole driving experience more exciting, while navigation and communication improvements are superior.

Is It the Right Career Choice?

Anyone considering a trucking career needs schooling and mentorship. A good mentor would be a driver who has around 1.5 million miles and more than ten years on the job.

Joining a truck driving school makes one realize the amount of information to be grasped, the tons of tests both in class and on the road,and the pressure of high expectations.

truck driving jobs minnesotaQuality training from a good driving college qualifies one for truck driving jobs in Minnesota.  New drivers aren’t off the hook yet. There is intense monitoring until the driver portrays competence to both the trainer and the company.

Around this time, one has to adjust being away from home for a few weeks, seeing strangers almost every day, inconsistent sleeping patterns,dealing with exhaustion, and occasionally feeling overwhelmed. These adjustments are not specific to truck-driving, however; many jobs require the same.

It Goes Beyond the Physical Strength

Trucking needs someone who is strong at heart. Self-discipline is compulsory. One should also be comfortable driving on the road alone for long periods. Well, that may not sound exciting to some people, but those who love adventure and taking on a new challenge will find this opportunity irresistible.

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Lesser Known Facts about Truck Driving

Thorough scrutiny-To get started, one should be ready to undergo background checks, credit checks, verification of employment, drug tests, fingerprint checks, and endless regulations.

Ongoing Monitoring – One may find cameras inside the trucks, and scale houses will monitor every movement the driver makes on the road. The engine sends periodic idling and driving habits to the company. Inspectors show up anytime, and they track any tickets and accidents, score them, and report them to the necessary authorities.

Traffic-The rates of expansion have not been responsive to the amount of trafficthat is constantly increasing. Road safety is not getting any better, since people are driving more carelessly due to more distracting devices.

Trucking is challenging and rewarding at the same time. Giving the job a try is always worth it.

To Union or Not To Union: Truck Driving Jobs In St. Paul

Truck driving jobs St. Paul and through America can be hard to come by, depending on the region where would-be drivers live. Like any industry, experience is required. Dock owners and fleet managers are looking for qualified CDL-holders with significant, safe mileage to their names.

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truck driving jobs st paulIn more populated areas, jobs can be hard to come by—whether coast-to-coast OTR or local. Some drivers have found financial success driving water trucks and other necessary equipment for fracking sites, but the longevity of these positions is fluid. Competition for jobs is fierce, and one entity that is determined to support and help employ truckers is The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT).

The Trucker’s Union Then

In the past, the trucker’s union received bad PR due to the actions of a handful of drivers. A handful of strikes merged into riots in Minneapolis shortly after the end of the Great Depression. Some members of the union also orchestrated several raids against other unions before World War II began. Then, of course, there was the tenure of Jimmy Hoffa and the influence of organized crime.

truck driving jobs st paulThe rise of the union during these times brought it more members and more power than ever before. However, the antics of the union eventually led to their being expelled from the AFL-CIO altogether.

The Trucker’s Union Now

After Hoffa disappeared, his successor worked to decentralize power in the IBT and return it to local districts and chapters. The union’s presence in the American economy faded for a time. The IBT has since been reformed, regulated, and rebranded.

The IBT has always been a mainstay of American unions. It’s a pillar of strength in the American Federation of Labor (AFL), and has been for over 100 years. Though it’s been through some difficult and even dark times in its history, the IBT of today is a legitimate, clean, and empowering organization that helps truckers find, keep, and enjoy better work.

truck driving jobs st paulTruck drivers working as owner-operators may have to pay expensive fees for private insurance. Leasing operators may have expensive fees and higher insurance premiums. When driving with a union, however, contracts include competitive wages, auto, home, health, life, and accident insurance, retirement plans like matching-contribution 401Ks, training programs, and the highly-esteemed Teamster Job Bank (TJB).

The TJB may be one of the best benefits of the union. It’s a centralized listing of open positions that include many jobs never seen by non-union members. That means the competition is not as plentiful. Driving truck can be hard. Hauling trailers is physical work. Truck maintenance can often prove to be inconvenient and time-consuming. There seems to be enough to worry about for most drivers in just getting from point A to point B. The IBT makes it a little bit easier for drivers—easier to provide and to find truck driving jobs in St. Paul and across the country.

The Roar of Truck Driving Jobs in Minnesota and The US

truck driving jobs minnesotaWith the advent of ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft, conventional transportation options like buses, taxis, and rail are facing severe declines in usage and revenue. Programs like Amazon Flex and Amazon Prime Now, which allow people to deliver Amazon packages from their own cars, will likely cut into the profits and services of FedEx, UPS, and other mail carriers.

It looks like the way America ships and rides is changing. Truck driving jobs Minnesota and throughout the U.S., though, are experiencing an explosion of activity.

The Proof Is in The Numbers

truck driving jobs minnesotaTrucking is an almost $800 billion industry. The entire US GDP clocks in at $16.8 trillion. Trucking, therefore, is a significant portion of America’s economic lifeblood.

Not only does it allow hundreds of thousands of businesses to fulfill and ship orders, acquire assets and supplies, or provide food and drink to millions of patrons, the trucking industry also employs over 3.5 million drivers. That number balloons to over six million jobs when truck-related administrative, managerial, and office jobs are added. In fact, there are over one million trucking companies in the United States.

Monetary figures for the trucking industry are impressive, but they’re nothing compared to the staggering statistics related to distances. The average U.S. trucker, for example, drives over 100,000 miles every year. With well over 3.5 million truck drivers logging more than 100,000 miles per year, annual estimates have placed the total truck industry mileages in the neighborhood of 400 billion. That’s enough mileage to circumnavigate Earth seventeen times over.

truck driving jobs minnesotaThere are over 15 million commercial trucks in America—two million of which are tractor trailers. If all the trucks in the United States were lined up end-to-end, they would reach from the surface of Earth to the surface of the moon.

Fun fact: An Australian company actually claims the record for longest individual trucking unit ever. A Mack rig hauled a load of 112 semi-trailers for 330 feet. The total length of the truck unit was nearly 5,000 feet long.

The Future of the Industry

truck driving jobs minnesotaAs self-driving, fully automated cars begin to enter commercial production and take over roadways, a general fear for truckers is that driverless trucks will begin to be driven by robots or computers. The statistics above would likely experience little change. However, one element of the trucking industry would have to face brutal reality: the truckers themselves.

Luckily, the robotic apparatuses in so-called “self-driving” drugs are actually being implemented as more of a kind of advanced cruise control—rather than a totally driverless operation. Actually one of the main strains on the truck industry remains a shortage of truck drivers.

This means that truck driving jobs in Minnesota and throughout the United States are available, offering competitive pay, and properly preparing for the future. Other transportation options may be fading or evolving to a point that existing vehicles or businesses are rendered obsolete. The trucking industry, however, is here to stay.

Factors That Affect Truck Driving Jobs in St. Paul

Many people aspire to leave the traditional work environment in favor of life as a trucker. Whether done temporarily or as a permanent career change, becoming a truck driver is something that many people work toward every year. And while this field does offer a degree of freedom that is hard to find elsewhere, the industry is also unique in a number of other ways. Truck driving is the type of job that is influenced by multiple factors, and understanding these can help a person decide whether or not they want to pursue trucking as a transitional job or whether they’d like to make it a full-time career.

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The Freight Transportation Industry

Nearly every sector of the economy depends on freight transport and delivery services to get the materials they need. Truck drivers are expected to provide these types of services, and this means strong economic growth in a partnering industry can help a given carrier enjoy additional business. However, this also means that fluctuating demand and other factors can have a negative impact on trucking job growth. Even those who have been employed by a company for years may experience a cut in hours when clients freight surpluses.

The Influence of Freight Volumes

When partner companies need additional freight for their standard operations, most truck drivers can count on getting additional work. However, a freight surplus at one or more partner locations usually means that a trucking company will lose business temporarily. However, this can also have a positive impact.

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This means that many trucking companies are able to plan around their downtime and use it to pursue expansion. However, truck driving jobs are affected by more than just economic factors – many legal factors can also have an impact on how easy it is for drivers to get work or to even be hired.

The Influence of Regulatory Requirements

Those who look to get truck driving jobs St. Paul will have to comply with numerous regulations before they can start work. Trucks pose a significant risk to drivers on the road if those piloting them aren’t trained properly and well-rested.

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New mandates and laws are passed each year concerning the industry of freight transportation and delivery, so keeping up-to-date on these is important for any established trucking company. While some of these measures can make it harder for new drivers to get hired and find consistent work, others work to the benefit of drivers and help them get fairer hours and better pay.

Training for Truck Driving Jobs in St. Paul

Anyone who aspires to become a truck driver needs to have the proper training. This means that it’s vital for a person to attend a quality trucking school that teaches them about the industry and how to pilot their rig safely.

truck driving jobs st paul

Numerous schools exist in the area offering students a good mix of written coursework and driving practice. Having the right training can help a person secure a job in this unique field.