To Union or Not To Union: Truck Driving Jobs In St. Paul

Truck driving jobs St. Paul and through America can be hard to come by, depending on the region where would-be drivers live. Like any industry, experience is required. Dock owners and fleet managers are looking for qualified CDL-holders with significant, safe mileage to their names.

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truck driving jobs st paulIn more populated areas, jobs can be hard to come by—whether coast-to-coast OTR or local. Some drivers have found financial success driving water trucks and other necessary equipment for fracking sites, but the longevity of these positions is fluid. Competition for jobs is fierce, and one entity that is determined to support and help employ truckers is The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT).

The Trucker’s Union Then

In the past, the trucker’s union received bad PR due to the actions of a handful of drivers. A handful of strikes merged into riots in Minneapolis shortly after the end of the Great Depression. Some members of the union also orchestrated several raids against other unions before World War II began. Then, of course, there was the tenure of Jimmy Hoffa and the influence of organized crime.

truck driving jobs st paulThe rise of the union during these times brought it more members and more power than ever before. However, the antics of the union eventually led to their being expelled from the AFL-CIO altogether.

The Trucker’s Union Now

After Hoffa disappeared, his successor worked to decentralize power in the IBT and return it to local districts and chapters. The union’s presence in the American economy faded for a time. The IBT has since been reformed, regulated, and rebranded.

The IBT has always been a mainstay of American unions. It’s a pillar of strength in the American Federation of Labor (AFL), and has been for over 100 years. Though it’s been through some difficult and even dark times in its history, the IBT of today is a legitimate, clean, and empowering organization that helps truckers find, keep, and enjoy better work.

truck driving jobs st paulTruck drivers working as owner-operators may have to pay expensive fees for private insurance. Leasing operators may have expensive fees and higher insurance premiums. When driving with a union, however, contracts include competitive wages, auto, home, health, life, and accident insurance, retirement plans like matching-contribution 401Ks, training programs, and the highly-esteemed Teamster Job Bank (TJB).

The TJB may be one of the best benefits of the union. It’s a centralized listing of open positions that include many jobs never seen by non-union members. That means the competition is not as plentiful. Driving truck can be hard. Hauling trailers is physical work. Truck maintenance can often prove to be inconvenient and time-consuming. There seems to be enough to worry about for most drivers in just getting from point A to point B. The IBT makes it a little bit easier for drivers—easier to provide and to find truck driving jobs in St. Paul and across the country.

The Roar of Truck Driving Jobs in Minnesota and The US

truck driving jobs minnesotaWith the advent of ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft, conventional transportation options like buses, taxis, and rail are facing severe declines in usage and revenue. Programs like Amazon Flex and Amazon Prime Now, which allow people to deliver Amazon packages from their own cars, will likely cut into the profits and services of FedEx, UPS, and other mail carriers.

It looks like the way America ships and rides is changing. Truck driving jobs Minnesota and throughout the U.S., though, are experiencing an explosion of activity.

The Proof Is in The Numbers

truck driving jobs minnesotaTrucking is an almost $800 billion industry. The entire US GDP clocks in at $16.8 trillion. Trucking, therefore, is a significant portion of America’s economic lifeblood.

Not only does it allow hundreds of thousands of businesses to fulfill and ship orders, acquire assets and supplies, or provide food and drink to millions of patrons, the trucking industry also employs over 3.5 million drivers. That number balloons to over six million jobs when truck-related administrative, managerial, and office jobs are added. In fact, there are over one million trucking companies in the United States.

Monetary figures for the trucking industry are impressive, but they’re nothing compared to the staggering statistics related to distances. The average U.S. trucker, for example, drives over 100,000 miles every year. With well over 3.5 million truck drivers logging more than 100,000 miles per year, annual estimates have placed the total truck industry mileages in the neighborhood of 400 billion. That’s enough mileage to circumnavigate Earth seventeen times over.

truck driving jobs minnesotaThere are over 15 million commercial trucks in America—two million of which are tractor trailers. If all the trucks in the United States were lined up end-to-end, they would reach from the surface of Earth to the surface of the moon.

Fun fact: An Australian company actually claims the record for longest individual trucking unit ever. A Mack rig hauled a load of 112 semi-trailers for 330 feet. The total length of the truck unit was nearly 5,000 feet long.

The Future of the Industry

truck driving jobs minnesotaAs self-driving, fully automated cars begin to enter commercial production and take over roadways, a general fear for truckers is that driverless trucks will begin to be driven by robots or computers. The statistics above would likely experience little change. However, one element of the trucking industry would have to face brutal reality: the truckers themselves.

Luckily, the robotic apparatuses in so-called “self-driving” drugs are actually being implemented as more of a kind of advanced cruise control—rather than a totally driverless operation. Actually one of the main strains on the truck industry remains a shortage of truck drivers.

This means that truck driving jobs in Minnesota and throughout the United States are available, offering competitive pay, and properly preparing for the future. Other transportation options may be fading or evolving to a point that existing vehicles or businesses are rendered obsolete. The trucking industry, however, is here to stay.

Factors That Affect Truck Driving Jobs in St. Paul

Many people aspire to leave the traditional work environment in favor of life as a trucker. Whether done temporarily or as a permanent career change, becoming a truck driver is something that many people work toward every year. And while this field does offer a degree of freedom that is hard to find elsewhere, the industry is also unique in a number of other ways. Truck driving is the type of job that is influenced by multiple factors, and understanding these can help a person decide whether or not they want to pursue trucking as a transitional job or whether they’d like to make it a full-time career.

truck driving jobs st paul

The Freight Transportation Industry

Nearly every sector of the economy depends on freight transport and delivery services to get the materials they need. Truck drivers are expected to provide these types of services, and this means strong economic growth in a partnering industry can help a given carrier enjoy additional business. However, this also means that fluctuating demand and other factors can have a negative impact on trucking job growth. Even those who have been employed by a company for years may experience a cut in hours when clients freight surpluses.

The Influence of Freight Volumes

When partner companies need additional freight for their standard operations, most truck drivers can count on getting additional work. However, a freight surplus at one or more partner locations usually means that a trucking company will lose business temporarily. However, this can also have a positive impact.

truck driving jobs st paul

This means that many trucking companies are able to plan around their downtime and use it to pursue expansion. However, truck driving jobs are affected by more than just economic factors – many legal factors can also have an impact on how easy it is for drivers to get work or to even be hired.

The Influence of Regulatory Requirements

Those who look to get truck driving jobs St. Paul will have to comply with numerous regulations before they can start work. Trucks pose a significant risk to drivers on the road if those piloting them aren’t trained properly and well-rested.

truck driving jobs st paul

New mandates and laws are passed each year concerning the industry of freight transportation and delivery, so keeping up-to-date on these is important for any established trucking company. While some of these measures can make it harder for new drivers to get hired and find consistent work, others work to the benefit of drivers and help them get fairer hours and better pay.

Training for Truck Driving Jobs in St. Paul

Anyone who aspires to become a truck driver needs to have the proper training. This means that it’s vital for a person to attend a quality trucking school that teaches them about the industry and how to pilot their rig safely.

truck driving jobs st paul

Numerous schools exist in the area offering students a good mix of written coursework and driving practice. Having the right training can help a person secure a job in this unique field.

Facts About Truck Driving Jobs in Minnesota

While the traditional work arrangement appeals to many people, others favor a line of work that gives them more freedom and privacy. Truck driving jobs in Minnesota are a popular choice for those who look to escape normal business jobs or manual labor occupations. While trucking jobs are not easy and require a large amount of training in order to do it properly, this field attracts many job-seekers every year.

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The state of trucking depends heavily on various factors, but understanding more about this line of work and how reliable it is can usually allow individuals to decide whether or not they’d like to pursue driving a truck for a living.

The Consistency of Truck Driving Jobs

While truck driving jobs Minnesota present a lifestyle that many people enjoy, it isn’t without its drawbacks. One of the main issues that most truck drivers have with their line of work is its consistency. Since freight carriers depend on business from clients in multiple industries, decreasing demand in said industries can cause drivers to lose out on work.

truck driving jobs minnesota

This, in turn, puts a strain on trucking companies and can lead to less-than-stellar wages in some areas. While established drivers in strong economic areas can make above-average pay on a regular basis, this aspect plays a large role in considering this type of job.

The Effect of Industry Regulations

Given that trucks are very large and that the motoring public can sometimes feel hesitant about sharing the road with these vehicles, there are numerous regulations and laws which affect truck driving. Some of these can cause scheduling conflicts and lead to increased expenses. While not all regulations have a negative impact on trucking, new regulations can be developed at any time and have a noticeable effect on the industry as a whole.

The Budding Logistics Sub-Industry

truck driving jobs minnesota

While driving a truck is something that many people aspire to do, there are many other jobs available in this field that don’t require individuals to be behind the wheel. One of these is logistics. This unique aspect of the truck driving field involves coordinating deliveries and routes in a manner that allows for the maximum amount of deliveries while utilizing the fewest amount of resources. Those who want to be involved in the field but don’t want to actually pilot a rig themselves usually consider this line of work as a top choice.

The Option of Becoming an Owner-Operator

While truck driving offers a degree of freedom that is hard to find elsewhere, many people still find that working under a well-known carrier to be too restricting. Some people desire to make their own schedule and only take routes that they feel comfortable with. These types of drivers are known as owner-operators.

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While these self-employed drivers are required to cover their own expenses, they are also able to enjoy a greater degree of liberty when it comes to their work. Many platforms have been developed to help match drivers with those who need freight transportation services quickly.

Factors That Affect Truck Driving Jobs in St. Paul

The truck driving industry is very important to the economy. Every industry depends on freight transportation and delivery services to some degree. But because the trucking industry relies on business from so many different sources, trucking job rates fluctuate regularly. Both hiring numbers CDL license test Minnesota and turnover rates can be influenced by a number of different factors, and those within the field should be aware of this. The performance of partner businesses, fluctuating costs, legislation, and freight volumes can all play a role in truck driving jobs St Paul. Each of these factors can have a positive or negative affect on job growth within the field.

How Other Businesses Affect Trucking

Nearly every sector of the economy utilizes the service of truck drivers. Many businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies depend on truck drivers every day. When these organizations need more services from truck drivers, truck driving jobs in St. Paul are more truck driving jobs St Paul plentiful. Likewise, a slump in revenue or funding for any of these organizations can mean less jobs for truck drivers. In addition, these factors can also influence jobs for those who work as mechanics, logistics professionals, or other non-driver roles in a trucking company.

Fluctuating Costs

From fuel to upkeep to parts, commercial truck drivers have several expenses to deal with. While owner-operators must cover their own charges, those who worker under a professional trucking company can often get their expenses covered. However, this also means that companies may give fewer hours when the cost of expenses rises. However, newer parts and components have helped CDL license test Minnesota to make costs lower in certain areas. Trucking companies that utilize these parts can often hire more talent and give them more favorable schedules.

Legal Requirements

There are many laws pertaining to truck driving jobs. Licensing, training requirements, rest periods, truck examinations, and many other aspects of the commercial vehicle industry are regulated by lawmakers. This is done with the goal of making sure commercial vehicles are handled properly and do not cause accidents. Certain requirements like the electronic logging of hours of service and additional training time behind the wheel have been updated by law in recent years. Additional legislation can sometimes make it more difficult for trucking companies to hire drivers. However, many truck driving jobs St Paul laws have been amended in order to reverse the negative affects they have on hiring numbers for trucking companies.

Freight Volumes

Even if certain organizations are doing well from a financial standpoint, they may have excess levels of freight for any number of reasons. When this occurs, truck drivers may find that it is harder to get consistent work. Though freight volumes do fluctuate, this often provides trucking companies with a chance to expand their operations. This may actually incentivize them to hire new drivers as well as individuals for other open positions. This will ensure that when volumes sink once again, trucking companies will be fully-staffed and prepared.

Preparing for Truck Driving Jobs in Minnesota

Many people find themselves seeking steady work in the trucking industry each year. The job presents a unique lifestyle that many people enjoy. But getting started in the field and finding a steady job to start out can be hard. Even though the trucking industry is a cornerstone of the economy, truck driving jobs Minnesota getting started presents many issues to deal with. A driver must obtain special licensing and a thorough education before going out on the road. In order to help aspiring drivers prepare for truck driving jobs Minnesota, many organizations have begun offering their own training programs. These programs can be a great choice for those are starting out in the trucking field, or for those who are returning to this line of work after a period of absence.

The Functional Benefits of Trucking Schools

The size and weight of commercial vehicles can make many members of the motoring public nervous. In order to help promote safety on the road, licensing and training requirements have been created by lawmakers. Many of these policies come from special organizations who hear input CDL license test Minnesota from trucking industries, unions, and hiring agencies. Trucking schools allow drivers to get a solid understanding of their duties in the industry, and to become familiarized with all legal requirements of their field. In addition, it can streamline the process of licensing and insurance.

The Financial Benefits of Trucking Schools

Starting out in the trucking industry can be difficult, as the field has its own unique licensing and insurance requirements. These costs can be somewhat hard to manage without assistance, and many trucking schools are willing to cover them. This type of opportunity is usually offered by CDL license requirements St Paul trucking schools that are owned by largescale freight carriers. In exchange for covering a starting driver’s costs, the driver agrees to work for the company for a period of time once they are licensed. This strategy can also provide new drivers with easy access to their first job.

Refreshing the Skills of Returning Drivers

Many people return to truck driving jobs in Minnesota after an absence from the industry. Those who have some previous experience can utilize training courses to refresh their knowledge when it comes to the fundamentals, and to become informed about any changes within the bus driver school Minnesota industry. Sometimes even if a driver is licensed, taking courses at a reputable trucking school can boost the chances of employment. And though trucking schools have been forced to adapt to new changes, many are doing so while creating positive results.

Changes in Training

Many laws and industry standards have changed the requirements for truck driving jobs in recent years. Schools that are quick to adapt to these laws can provide students with a more relevant education. This increased knowledge can make it easier for a person to get hired faster. While some truck driving training centers adapt to changes faster than others, getting proper training is one of the best way to get a truck driving job quicker.

Well-Paying Truck Driving Jobs in St. Paul

truck driving jobs st paulThere are many options for earning a good living while driving trucks. The different classes of licenses allow for different vehicles to be operated. The commercial driver’s license (CDL) should be considered as the gateway to a great opportunity to earn a decent living driving trucks. Here are just a few of the varied truck driving jobs in St. Paul today.
Liquid Hauling
Drivers who operate in this field have higher risks and therefore attract higher pay rates. The median salary is significantly higher than an average tractor trailer job, both interstate and intrastate. This job involves hauling any type of caustic, corrosive, or hazardous liquid. This includes any type of fuel, chemicals, or compressed air.

truck driving jobs st paulDump Truck Operation
It’s the dream of every little boy to one day drive the dump truck. It should still be the dream given how much more a driver can earn in this profession. The cause of the pay rise is due to the hazardous conditions of operation on construction sites or at the local dump. Dump truck drivers need to have a high level of precision in their role as well.
Mining Industry Trucking
Mining is already an incredibly lucrative career, so driving trucks in and out of the mine attracts a pretty great salary. The trucks operate at any time day or night as most mines operate 24 hours a day. Operating during the night will attract extra hazard pay as well, on top of the well-paid salary of a normal driver.

truck driving jobs st paulOversized Load Trucks
A normal CDL allows the owner to operate a single trailer vehicle. Any increase on the load means an increased classification of the license. The oversized loads of double or even triple trailers mean an increased pay rate. Compound that with interstate travel with extra hours and tight deadlines and the increase is significant. It’s not too bad a job considering the truckers who operate road trains, pulling upwards of 5 or 6 trailers across the entire country.
Luxury Car Transports
In dealing with luxury cars, the driver must take extra caution in the handling and transport of these cars. It’s not well known, but this career is actually quite handsomely rewarded for the extra care and attention to detail in transporting high-end luxury vehicles.
Refrigerated Freight Drivers
Goods that need to have a regulated temperature need a refrigerated transport. This could include meats, medical supplies, body parts for hospitals, or food. The driver must have the knowledge to adjust and maintain the temperature throughout the trip. This type of job attracts higher pay grade due to the time sensitivity and extra care required.
Truck driving jobs st paul are so wide and varied. There are construction trucks, city trucks, delivery trucks, flatbed trucks and so much more. All of these jobs are open and ready for those with the certifications to apply for them.